• From influencer marketing trends to new creator startups, the creator economy is evolving rapidly.
  • Some voices have become authorities in the space, delving into the industry through podcasts, newsletters and more.
  • Insider is highlighting 23 creator-economy experts to know to stay up-to-date on the industry.

When content creator Jerry Won sat down with Vice President Kamala Harris on his “Dear Asian Americans” podcast in November 2022, the moment felt surreal.

“I was blown away,” Won told Insider. “To be sitting with the Vice President of the United States and sharing stories that were so resonant and relevant to me and our community was so special.”

Won launched his podcast in 2020 to elevate the Asian creator community and regularly interviews Asian and Asian American creators, entrepreneurs and creatives.

He is one of the many voices who have emerged as authorities on the creator economy.

Some, like Avi Gandhi, who writes the Creator Logic newsletter that highlights data and insights straight from creators, and is Patreon’s former head of partnerships, have worked with creators for years and accumulated massive audiences for their deep insights and industry connections.

Others, like TikTok and Instagram influencer Vivian Tu, who founded the personal finance brand Your Rich BFF to help other creators accumulate wealth, are still building their online communities.

Insider has compiled a list of top experts in the space who people around the world — including our reporters — rely on to stay on top of changes in the industry. The list is based on a combination of conversations with several creators and executives in the industry and Insider’s own creator economy team, as well as reader nominations that we vetted.

Here are 23 creator-economy experts who share their insights on podcasts, newsletters, and LinkedIn, listed in alphabetical order: