Padi UMKM Business Matching Records Transaction Value of More than IDR 30 Billion
Padi UMKM Business Matching Records Transaction Value of More than IDR 30 Billion

Photo Caption: Expert Staff for Finance and MSME Development for KBUMN Loto Srinaita Ginting (center), Head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s PPKUKM Service Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo (second from left), posing for a photo with Telkom Digital Business Director Fajrin Rasyid (far left), EVP Digital Business & Technology Telkom Saiful Hidajat (second from right), and Deputy EVP Marketing Telkom Regional 2 Reni Yustiani (far right) at the PaDi UMKM Business Matching event at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta (19/1).

Jakarta, 24 January 2023The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector is the backbone of the national economy which makes many contributions to economic growth and employment. As a form of commitment to support the progress of MSMEs in the country, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) through the PaDi UMKM digital platform held a Business Matching event which took place at the Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta (19/1). Through this event, Telkom recorded a transaction value of up to more than IDR 30 billion, an increase of 2.5 times higher than the transaction value throughout 2022.

Director of Digital Business Telkom, Fajrin Rasyid, in his remarks explained that MSMEs have contributed more than 60% to national GDP in 2022. The presence of PaDi UMKM, which is under the Leap-Telkom Digital umbrella, is Telkom’s real step in responding to the direction of the President and Minister of SOEs RI to connect SOEs and MSMEs through a digital ecosystem. “This is increasingly important to pay attention to in 2023 to avoid the issue of a world recession. Although many parties also say that Indonesia will still be strong and the national economy will continue to grow. For this reason, it is hoped that the community, especially BUMN, can increase transactions with MSMEs,” said Fajrin.

Fajrin further said, as an effort to accelerate transactions between SOEs and MSMEs, PaDi UMKM has held many activities, one of which is through Business Matching. In addition, PaDi UMKM has held seven Business Matching activities in seven different cities in Indonesia with the largest transaction value in the City of Balikpapan totaling more than IDR 12 billion.

On the same occasion, Expert Staff for Finance and MSME Development at the Ministry of SOEs, Loto Srinaita Ginting, reminded SOEs to always monitor the procurement process for each company. one that is prone to fraud is the procurement process. For this reason, the presence of PaDi UMKM hopes to minimize or even eliminate this potential,” said Loto.

Apart from that, Loto also invites the Regional Governments (Pemda) and other SOEs to prioritize domestic MSME products by utilizing the PaDi UMKM platform. “For MSMEs, they also continue to increase the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) because for MSMEs there is a free TKDN certification facility. The plan is that we will also collaborate with the Ministry of Industry to socialize this. MSMEs must continue to be enthusiastic about improving their quality and production capacity,” said Loto.

Meanwhile, Head of DKI Jakarta Pemprov PPKUKM Service Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo, said that PaDi UMKM’s Business Matching activities are in line with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s program in the context of empowering and encouraging the progress of MSMEs.

Since its launch in mid-2020, the transaction value generated between SOEs and MSMEs through PaDi UMKM has reached more than IDR 5.1 trillion from 240 thousand total transactions. Until now, there are 92 SOEs that are members of PaDi UMKM and more than 55 thousand MSMEs that are registered as users. PaDi UMKM is also integrated with other digital products under the Leap umbrella, as an effort to achieve digital acceleration that is evenly distributed for people throughout Indonesia and to realize national digital sovereignty. More complete information regarding PaDi UMKM can be accessed via the link