Cineplex ‘deceptive’

The Canadian Press – | Stories: 437555

Canada’s competition commissioner is doubling down on his claims that the country’s largest cinema chain is using “deceptive marketing practices” to sell movie tickets.

In a new filing with the Competition Tribunal, Matthew Boswell accused Cineplex Inc. of “mischaracterizing” the ticket purchase process again.

Boswell has been alleging since May that fees applied to some Cineplex movie tickets bought online constitute price dripping, a deceptive practice where customers are drawn into a purchase without full disclosure of the final cost.

However, Toronto-based Cineplex has said the bureau’s claims are “without merit” and should be thrown out with costs awarded to Cineplex because it is upfront with the fees.

Boswell now says consumers are not being presented with the full price of a movie ticket on the very first page of Cineplex’s website and app like the company has told the tribunal.

Boswell says this leaves it for consumers to figure out that their ticket cost has increased, when they make it to later screens, constituting price dripping.

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