(Alliance News) – Casta Diva Group Spa announced Monday that it has approved its new business plan 2023-2025, with accounts expected to grow over the course of the plan.

The strategic pillars that have enabled the growth over the past year and on which the one planned for the future three-year period is based are to aggregate the Live Communication market in Italy; simplify the corporate structure, digitize processes, and reduce costs; make activities sustainable and achieve ambitious ESG goals; expand the diversification of the offer and international reach through M&A, in both segments of the business; monitor and integrate technological innovations; enhance the value of the shareholder base; and reward the shareholders.

The 2023-2025 business plan envisages value of production reaching EUR87.2 million in 2023 and then gradually increasing to EUR105.3 million in 2025, bringing adjusted Ebitda from EUR6.7 million to EUR11.1 million and, as a percentage of revenues, from 7.7 percent in FY 2023 to 10.5 percent in FY 2025. Net financial position, already cash positive in 2022 by EUR2.7 million, will grow to EUR4.5 million cash in 2025.

“Faced with a fragmented reference market, Casta Diva can aggregate it thanks to its unique characteristics: strong diversification of the offer, wide international reach and easy access to the capital market. The goal is to create a national champion, from EUR 200-300 million in turnover, that can compete with major European players,” the company explained.

Over the course of the plan, dividends of no less than EUR3 million are expected to be distributed.

Casta Diva Group’s stock is up 15% at EUR0.84 per share.

By Giuseppe Fabio Ciccomascolo, Alliance News senior reporter

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